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In these unprecedented times, a lot of people are left grappling with how to solve the new challenges posed by the pandemic. Parents, especially worry about how to effectively handle their kids during this period.With Parenting Through The Pandemic, underlying wisdom and simple nuggets are revealed—wisdom gotten from tons of research and interactions with children.The book explains the direct impact of the pandemic on kids—especially on their social and mental health. It also shows the rewards that comes to parents (and literally anyone who cares about the mental health of a child) who are willing to hit the backpedal, commit to learning and setting some major family priorities.

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When a new student comes to school, the class tries to make him feel welcome. But Bull is not looking for friends. He is looking to cause trouble! Quickly gaining the nickname Bull "The Bully" he makes things hard for those around him, until things get out of hand and a secret about Bulls life is revealed. Will that help the students better understand the bully and can they become friends?

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Check out Executive Director Anthony Tilghman Book "From Homeless to Cool"

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